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Monthly Archives: September 2013


Erotic young teen camgirl in a tube top

Erotic young teen camgirl in a tube top

I love those tube top style bras. I like them as bathing suits too. Girls can’t hide how large or small their tits are in those things. When it comes to girls boobs I am equal opportunity all the way. I like them small and I like them large. I even like them in between.

AlsuLove is one of those camgirls with a look that is all her own. her body still has some baby fat on it. I think that is cute. It pairs well with her little tits. She shaves her pussy smooth. I am talking not even hair follicles showing. She is barely legal all the way.

Along with her remarkable body she has a sexy set of eyes. Everything from their piercing blue tint to their long lashes has me falling in love with this cam girl!

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