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Monthly Archives: March 2014


Find A Beautiful Escort Wien Vacations


Like you I have always assumed that escorts were only available for overnight stays like in Pretty Woman. I also figured they were expensive and out of my budget. Then I found the Extraklasse service in Vienna (Wien), Austria. It totally changed my idea of what an escort experience could be.

On their rates page I noticed they did have hourly rates and even weekly rates. I also noticed that they were a lot lower than I figured they would be. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that I could have a hot escort all to myself for two hours. A girl that would normally be way out of my league.

Upon my next trip to Wien, Austria I contacted ExtraKlasse-escort.com and informed them that I would like to schedule a rendezvous with Olga. What a strange name: Olga. I has always associated it with a fat cow Russian girl. Boy was I ever wrong about that one. She is fucking gorgeous with blue eyes, a hot body and a very pretty face. Olga made me feel like I was her only care in the world. She more than made me happy!

Find beautiful escorts at Extraklasse Escort Wien, Austria!