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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Discount Porn

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Adult Dating

How Not to Get Ripped Off in Your Efforts at Finding Local Sex

If you are a guy who is hot and horny for local sex, make no mistake about it, you are vulnerable. You really are. You are susceptible to all sorts of scam artists. Your mind is open. It’s so open that anything can basically fall in.

Guys who are really eager for local sex like the ones on http://www.freelocalsex.net  are very suggestible. It’s not uncommon for these guys to come across an option that may, on its face, look like a bad idea. Unfortunately, they’re so desperate for pussy that even something that is half-baked or semi logical makes enough sense. At least in their minds, it makes enough sense to further investigate. Every lead is just as good as any. This may seem exciting and may definitely trigger your sense of adventure and possibility. But it can also be dangerous for your pocket book.

Remember: when you spend time doing something, you are not doing something else. It’s not like you can clone yourself to do two things at the same time. This is called an opportunity cost. Sadly, when it comes to opportunity costs, the whole idea of trying to hunt down and find local sex can be downright bloody. You can lose a huge amount of time trying to bang free pussy locally.

Well, when you further investigate something, you’re necessarily investing your time, effort and energy. This can easily lead to you going down one rabbit hole after another. Make no mistake about it, your time is your most precious asset. You really have no business investing your time where it doesn’t belong.

If you are serious about looking for local sex, you need to be systematic and methodical. You also have to have a decent amount of reasonable suspicion and a healthy level of skepticism. This is how you avoid getting burned. This is how you avoid getting ripped off. Sadly, guys often let their dicks do their thinking and this is why they fail time and time again.