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Monthly Archives: September 2018

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The Rack on this Slapper!

I think this might be the same chick I wrote about fairly recently where she was kitted out in what I could only imagine Lara Croft would look like in lingerie. It certainly wasn’t a deliberate them or cosplay thing but rather my imagination that was running rampant. In the pic I saw of her then it was a lot closer to her face and perhaps if you were to zoom in on her face in this one you’ll appreciate those lips of hers.

The ones on her face dude, but I can’t blame you for zooming in on those too.

By the way, those are certainly not from sucking lemons. I’d like that little fantasy to lead you to believe that it’s from sucking bags and bags of cocks but it’s probably from Botox.

Here’s the thing about Botox though… it’s like fake tits: As long as it looks good I don’t actually give a fuck. And the tits on this woman, holy smokes!

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